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You’ve probably heard the old, much-used phrase, “Mind over matter.” The phrase implies that the mind is stronger than an object. In this case, the object (or objective) that we are discussing is public speaking, and the mind really can be stronger than the fear of public speaking. Part of the strength of the mind comes from the confidence in the strength of the body. So let’s discuss the confidence in the strength of the body first.

What I mean by confidence in the strength of the body is not physical strength. You don’t have to be a bodybuilder to be an effective public speaker. As a matter of fact, very few effective public speakers are bodybuilders. Some of the very best public speakers that I have ever been privileged to hear are too short, too tall, too fat, too thin and/or completely out of shape physically, and yet they have confidence in the strength of their bodies. Their bodies are clean. Their bodies are dressed appropriately. There isn’t a piece of spinach lodged between their front teeth. They stand up straight, and they practically ooze confidence in themselves and their power of body and mind. In other words, you demand that your body is clean and neat, and then you ACT confident.

The other part of the confidence factor that the best public speakers have and always exhibit is confidence in their mind (their knowledge). They are certain that they know their subjects so well that they have something of value to share with others. They are well prepared, and they are well rehearsed. They have already delivered this speech several dozen times in front of a mirror or to their family and friends. The smart ones have videotaped themselves and know just what they look and sound like.

When you are speaking to a friendly and receptive audience, you should have complete confidence of mind and body. If you are prepared, and if you act like you are prepared and confident, you won’t have any problem.

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